University Housing for Genoa


Name: University Housing for Genoa

Lead Architect: Arash G Tehrani

Project team: Ghazaal La’li / Mojdeh Jalili / Saman Banaei

Firm: Arash G Tehrani Design Studio

Client: Archicontest

Location: Genoa, Italy, Sarzano Square

Date: Spring of 2019

Type: Leisure, Public

Status: Proposal – International Competition


Design intentions:


When we looked at this stunning city, Genoa, we were fascinated with how this city has engaged with its fascinating perspectives. The major face of the buildings in this city consists of many windows, which besides working with its climate and environment, maybe they’re for enjoying the landscape. For designing a University housing, on the other hand, we had to cope with the development issues and the flexibility of construction. So we considered why not starting the design with a modular window-window based blocks, to make all the options possible, including fast construction, the flexibility of usage and changing functions, using all the perspective, and importantly, Making the future development possible. We obviously and strongly wanted our project to be a good match with its Context.

There are 3 modules for the rooms. Module A is a 30 m2 single or double-bed room, Module B is a 60 m2 duplex double or 4-bed apartment, and Module C is a 70 m2 duplex, 4 or 6-bed apartment, and they all can be furnished for different usages. In every dorm levels, there are 4 modular balconies, and by removing some blocks we could have green terraces.

The Ground floor contains a Café, a sitting area, Gym, a mailbox room, a playroom and W.C. The 1st floor consists of the Library, Studios, a small Cinematech, a video game room and W.C. The 2nd floor is a full green and open terrace for the students to study, meet, or relax. In the Basement floor, they could find the Laundry, as well as the technical facility room, the storage room, and W.C.


نام: خوابگاه دانشجویان جنوا

آرشیتکت سرپرست: آرش غلامعلی طهرانی

تیم پروژه: غزال لعلی، مژده جلیلی، سامان بنایی

استودیو: استودیو معماری آرش طهرانی

کارفرما: آرکی‌کانتست

موقعیت: جنوا، ایتالیا

تاریخ: زمستان 1397، بهار 1398

کاربری: اقامتی، عمومی

وضعیت: پروپوزال – مسابقه بین‌المللی