G01 Apartment

Name: G01 Apartment

Architect:  Arash G Tehrani

Team: Arash G Tehrani Architecture Group

Client: Ms. Banaei

Date: 2014



Design intentions:

The apartment is located in Gohardasht, Karaj; which it is an old and famous part of Karaj, best known for villas with pool and streets with trees. As it could be seen, living in Gohardasht used to be associated with a natural extroversion which was tied to Iranian introversion living. Tranquil life, strong neighborhood relationship, energetic evenings and live weekends, were the most aspects of this city, till constructors started to ruin villas and build apartments.

While the population is rising by non-locals migrating to live in famous Gohardasht, looking around the city, you could find less villas and more apartments with rarely no care for live Gohardashat living, most apartments have solid mold with decorated faces, reminding Decorated Sheds!

The architect tried to rehabilitate the spirit of neighborhood and natural extroversion living. Unlike what could be seen as the city landscape, the apartment face and the internal spaces are combined, due to encourage the residents to live more extroversion. All the balconies are designed among to internal space of each unit.


Ideas and concepts:

Persian Miniature: The tales and landscapes are painted with no natural perspective rule and so the Time and Space are free and limitless. This gives the space (of the painting), a vertical Surreal Hierarchy; in which, Illustrated image of Persian garden in the paintings, could remind the vertical gardens of mystical Persia and the ancient Mesopotamia, which were perfectly used in Pasargad’s “Pardis”, Babylon and even Islamic era Persian gardens all over Iran and parts of India.

Cypress and balcony: There are 7 Cypress trees in the front face, 6 one each for one balcony and one on the sidewalk. Each tree is rising through next level’s ceiling, in fact the residents are growing the tree which their neighbor is using, and all of them are growing the first one on the sidewalk.  This brings life to balconies, reminding suspension gardens.