Qazvin Glass Headquarter


Ghazvin Glass Co. Headquarter

Lead Architect: Arash G Tehrani

Design Architects: Parivash Yazdani, Fatemeh Nejati

Project Team: Amir Hadavi, Sepehr Meraat, Atena Akbari

Location: Tehran, Iran

Date: 2015

Type: Office

Client: Ghazvin Shisheh Co. (competition)

Status: concept proposal


Design Intentions:

The aim of this project is to renovate the headquarter of Qhazvin Glass Company in a competition. The design tries to encourage the users of the building to make the building’s mold and façade by their Unconscious activities. For example when they open or close a window for view or controlling temperature, this activity changes the mold of the building. Also this activities encourage the users to keep the building sustainable. As we know with the wrong treatment, even a good sustainable building could fail at what it is stand for. In Iran also people don’t care for an on air conditioner whit open windows; so this way of controlling the façade could encourage to help the sustainability.

The building is designed after the inspiration of Old Iranian life which is in companionship with nature. When the windows are closed the building is a Modern era glass cube, and with each windows getting open, it finds more of its Iranian nature-friendly spirit and life style.

The construction technology which was proposed; used the Companies product as it’s one the largest and most known factories of industrial glass and its equipment. The project used this technology to control the sustainability of the building, both in energy and Maintenance.