Villa Maa (Us)


Name: Villa Maa (Us)


Architect: Arash G Tehrani – Ghazaal La’li

Team: Arash G Tehrani Design Studio

Location: Shahsavaar, Mazandaran, Iran

Date: 2018

Type: Residential

Area: 150 m2

Status: Designed

Client: F Rahmani





About the project:

The aim of the project is to design a tiny Villa with very low cost in northern cities of Iran, Shahsavaar, Mazandaran, which are best known for their green environment, dense jungles up the Alborz mountains, and most importantly the shores of the Caspian Sea. The design also had to have the ability to be built in more than once and in a similar situation in the neighborhood.


The design consists of two levels of functions, covered with a shell to protect it from rain, sun, and other disturbance. The cover is also designed the way to avoid the heavy northeastern rain. The villa is located on a platform to be safe from the wet ground. Living Room, Kitchen, and a W.C are located on the first floor, while bedrooms and the main terrace are designed upstairs. The cover allows the users to be safe from rain and also to create a cozy space for the barbecue and or drinking, while it could provide a great view to the jungles. It also could protect the cubes and the entrance from the northwestern askew heavy rain known as “Kaj-Baran” in the local language.


The construction cost is estimated at about $17500, which is considered as a low-cost project in the region. In the time of the design, the estimated cost is about to equal to a low midrange automobile, in Iran.