Diba Commercial Center

Diba Commercial Center   Architect: Arash G Tehrani – Parivash Yazdani Location: Sepahsalar, Tehran, Iran. Date: Nov, 2015 Status: Proposal – Competition Client: Roeen Dezh Beton Co. All images, drawings, diagrams, sketches and text are Courtesy of “Arash G Tehrani” and “Parivash Yazdani” © 2015   Design Intentions:

The building is located in the heart of Historic Tehran, in Sepahsalaar walking street which is one of the commercial centers for Women’s wear in Tehran. Looking to Tehran’s historic landmarks, we could see an attention for sightseeing from a height of this landmarks. The interest for watching Tehran’s beautiful perspective from the top of Qajar high buildings in artist Shah of Iran, Nasereddin Shah is obvious. This building has the opportunity to act as Urban Camera as a local landmark and invite the users to pay attention to historic treasures of their city.

There are two public levels in the building which could invite users to stop and watch. First one is the food court in 2nd floor, and the other is rooftop. As long as the building is located in a narrow alley, the food court could not get a suitable sight. So there is a vista rotated towards Sepahsalaar walking street as a close perspective. There are 5 element on the roof acting as Urban Camera or a vista to important local sites in further distances such as Lalehzaar, Sa’di, and Baharestan. This vistas are rotated towards these sites, and their position reminds us a group of people with cameras taking shots from different landscapes.